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3 days ago

Tribute Sportfishing

Hand sanding at its finest. ... See MoreSee Less

Hand sanding at its finest.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Looking good

Would you let a pin head sander with a rolling perry lift help hand sand

Mike, you are a Smooth operator. 😎

Boat work in sandals. Nice.


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Happy to say that our plastic stood strong through 30 plus knots of wind yesterday 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

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Was it last year it was really windy and the plastic ripped apart

Next time we need a video of Tyler’s hair blowing in the wind as he stands in a stoic pose...

Seams like every time you wrap the boat the winds show up !

That whem the deck skills come in handy

Secured strap it down

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6 days ago

Tribute Sportfishing

Sooo much fun ... See MoreSee Less


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BOAT=Bust out Another THOUSAND

That looks good.

Let know if you need decals loved fishing with you last year

I'm glad I'm done with doing boatwork. Till next year

You spend hours putting it on and then hours sanding most of it back off 🤔
Hopefully our weather cooperates and we will be applying top coat late next week.
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Mike is that you painting your own boat if so I am so impressed

I take it you hate rolling and tiping to just spray it

I am looking forward to fishing with you and your great crewmen ASAP

We know! Just went through it! Good luck with weather.

Its suposed to be cloudy and cold you need it to be sunny and hot

Looks great

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