1717 Quivira Road, San Diego, CA
We have a lot of experience
Tribute Sportfishing provides a quality fishing experience for individuals, groups, families, and corporate outings. We offer world-class sport fishing.
Your fish is in good hands
We have a 10 ton RSW (refrigerated sea water) system to insure your fish is as fresh when it comes out of the fish holds as it did when it went down.
Our modern fishing platform
The Tribute is a 80 x 24 foot sportfisher with all the modern fishing equipment to keep you on the bite in any conditions and amenities to keep you in comfort.
About Us

We are a leader in the industry

Come and explore the finest deep sea fishing adventure California and Baja Mexico have to offer.

Fully Licensed
Latest Electronics
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Our Most Common Fishing Trips

Get Out On The Water
Overnight Fishing

Overnight trips depart around 10pm and make way to the fishing grounds overnight. You start fishing early the next day until around noon to 2pm, depending on distance from port. Return time is between 5 and 7pm.

One and Half Day Fishing

One and Half Day trips depart around 10pm and make way to the fishing grounds. You start fishing early the next day and fish all day into the dark. Return time is between 5 and 7am the following day.

Multi-Day Fishing

Multi-Day trips run from 2 to 5 days in length and fish from 50 to 250 miles from port. They typically give you more fishing time on the water. More fishing time gives you a better opertunity to get into the bite of a life time!

We Have A Great Legacy Of Fishing

Meet The Team
Mike Pritchard
Tyler Fries
Buzz Brizendine
Deck Hands

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