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Covid 19

Loads have been limited to 30 passengers based on Covid 19 social distancing requirements. Please bring a blanket and pillowcase, the vessel will be cleaned with a commercial grade electro static fogger in between trips. Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added. A mask is required for all passengers (masks are available on board for $2) Please no pictures on board without a mask, we want to be able to keep doing this.

We are a leader in the industry

Come and explore the finest deep sea fishing adventure California and Baja Mexico have to offer.

We have a lot of experience

Tribute Sportfishing provides a quality fishing experience for individuals, groups, families, and corporate outings. We offer world-class sport fishing.

Your fish is in good hands

We have a 10 ton RSW (refrigerated sea water) system to insure your fish is as fresh when it comes out of the fish holds as it did when it went down.

Our modern fishing platform

The Tribute is a 80 x 24 foot sportfisher with all the modern fishing equipment to keep you on the bite in any conditions.

The best technology

to put you on the fish

Side Scanning Sonar

Down Scan Fish Finder


Refrigerated Fish Hold

We do a lot of fishing!

Bluefin Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado, Rockfish and more all along the Baja coast.

Welcome Aboard Tribute Sportfishing

We specialize in ultra limited load long range trips to large short range trips
with the ability to sleep up to 42 anglers, but can accommodate any size group of anglers.

Both Capt Pritchard and Capt Hensley gave decades of long range experience, so no trip is too long and the Tributes 1,000 mile range may come in handy on longer trips.

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Our team

We adhere to stringent quality!

Our west coast fishing is world class

We provide opportunity! Our fishing model drives superior results.

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