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Mike Pritchard started at the young age of 9 as a Pinhead on board the Captain Midnight in Ventura

While working deck in Ventura, spent several years working on the Mirage and the Pacific Eagle.

Mike moved to San Diego in 1996 and spent a few years working for Ray Sobiek on the Producer where he got his license when I was 20.

He then went to work as Engineer on the Excel in 1999 and ran his first trip on that boat in 2001. Mike ran International Star in 2004, and the Intrepid in 2010 and 2011.

In February of 2013 Mike Pritchard took over the Dolphin III and re named it the Tribute in honor of the great Bill Poole (who the boat was originally built for as the Polaris III bought it
from Tim in June of 2013.